Dancing - Spinning Gourd Seeds


Dancing - Spinning Gourd Seeds

Price for Package of 5 seeds.

A sprawling vining variety that is happy to grow spread on the ground or will climb if provided with support.  The vines produce large crops of 2-3 in long spinning top-shaped gourds green and white stripes

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Dancing - Spinning Gourd Seeds

Price for Package of 5 seeds.

Spinning pumpkin also called dancing pumpkin, is one of the smallest pumpkins. The pear-shaped striped fruits are only 3-6 cm tall and are often used as ornamental gourds for painting and handicrafts.

The plants do not take up a lot of space and produce plenty.

The smallest pumpkin in the world starts fruit very early and bears plenty of 3-6 cm pear-shaped mini pumpkins.

The fruits can be dried very well and used for decoration (e.g. for painting and handicrafts).

The name derives from the popular tradition around the turn of the century that American boys always carried such a "natural spinning top" in their pockets. After that, this strain was gone for a long time and we are happy to be able to offer this funny, extravagant strain.

Also, ideal decorated as season ornaments. 

Days To Harvest: 80-100 days

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Handpicked seeds ?
Handpicked seeds
Organic Seeds ?
Organic Seeds
Organic/natural ?
Organic/Natural: Yes
Sowing depth ?
Sowing depth 5 mm
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Manufacturer: Seeds Gallery
Suitable for growing in flower pot ?
Suitable for pot: Yes
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Seeds Gallery recommend this plant!

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