Sweetcorn Seeds Oaxacan Green

Sweetcorn Seeds Oaxacan Green

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Sweetcorn Seeds Oaxacan Green Heirloom

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This unusual corn originally from Southern Mexico produces dark Green kernels. Grown mainly as an ornamental, its young 'baby' corns are edible, but becomes tougher when older. It was originally dried,

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Sweetcorn Seeds Oaxacan Green Heirloom

Price for Package of 10 seeds.

This emerald maize has been grown for centuries by the Zapotec Indians of southern Mexico where it is used to make green flour tamales. Traditionally grown with squash and beans which climb up the corn stalks, this corn grows up to 7 feet tall and produces multiple 10 inch cobs on each stalk. Drought resistant and sturdy plants are green in color and yield white cobs that soon become rich green as they mature.
Eat the corn while it is still light in color as a sweet corn or wait until it is mature to harvest as a flour corn. Brilliant green cobs are more than extraordinary in arrangements and can be ground to produce scrumptious jade tamales, cornbreads, or tortillas. 
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