Sementes de Tomate CANDYTOM - Ideal para apartamento

Sementes de Tomate CANDYTOM - Ideal para apartamento

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CANDYTOM Tomatensamen - Ideal für wohnung

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Eine extra süße Variante. Die Candytom® ist ein durchwachsende Tomatenpflanze. Das bedeutet, dass die Haupttriebe weiter wachsen und immer wieder neue Trauben bilden. Diese Sorte hat feste dunkelgrüne Blätter und ist weniger empfindlich gegen Blattvergilbung.

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Sementes de Tomate CANDYTOM - Ideal para apartamento

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Planta produz bons rendimentos de minúsculos tomates, do tamanho de ervilhas. Dez tomates cabem em uma colher! Um dos menores tomates do mundo. Estes tomates são muito saborosos, as crianças o adoram! Produz em 65 dias.


Growing PICK A TOM tomatoes is the best way for newbies to ease into gardening.

Anyone who loves tomatoes should try our Pick-a-Tom®. The Pick-a-Tom® cherry tomato is a (self pinching) bushy tomato plant. At the time of purchase, already 25 to 30 cherry tomatoes are growing on the plant and the first fruits are starting to develop their signature red color. You can instantly start picking your very own tomatoes. The plant is about 40 cm high. Perfect for on a windowsill, or when it gets warmer, outside on a terrace. If you follow the plant care tips you should be able to pick at least 40 tomatoes from your Pick-a-Tom® plant. But we have even gotten reports from people who picked over 150 from one single plant.

These beautiful cherry tomatoes are great because they are freshly picked. Furthermore these tomatoes are extremely good for you! Tomatoes contain lycopene. Lycopene gives tomatoes their nice red color and even better, it helps protect you against cancer, heart and vascular problems and many other age related ailments.

The Pick-a-Tom® is a great and flexible product which can be used in many different ways. Delicious when eaten directly after picking. But the tomatoes can also be used as an ingredient in many other dishes like pasta's and salads. These tomatoes are really juicy and also extremely healthy. Truly a great allround product.


Care tips


To get the best plant performance from your Pick-&-Joy® plant, we recommend putting the plant into a larger pot with more good potting soil. This creates more space for the roots so they can spread out. As a result the plant will live longer and stay in better condition. Thereby creating greater reserves in the plant and encouraging more growth, blossoms and ultimately new fruits. 

Suitable place:

Sunny, indoors or outdoors.

Plant nutrition:

Fertilizing the plant improves the lifespan of the plant. Please ask your local garden center for soluble fertilizers for vegetable plants. Add nutrition once or twice a week.


Please water on a daily basis. We consider you have repotted the plant in a bigger pot as advised. If not, place the pot on a dish before watering. Water the plants until the pot is saturated. If the plant has been too dry for a while, put it in a bucket of water for half an hour. Make sure only the pot is underwater and not the plant itself. Afterwards let the pot drain.

Sheltered spot:

Never put the plant on a drafty or windy spot.

Picking tips:

The cherry tomatoes can be picked when they have a lovely red color. To pick the fruits detach the tomato and it’s crown from the stem by putting your thumb on the crown where it connects with the stem and gently break it off (Note: don’t pull the tomato straight off).   


 Insects play an important role in pollination; if the plant is located indoors, pollination can be encouraged by tapping the vine of flower cluster when blooming starts.

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