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Black Popcorn Corn Dakota Seeds


Black Popcorn Corn Dakota Seeds

Price for Package of 10 seeds. 

Latin name: Zea mays cv. Dakota Black. So deep dark red colour that the grains appear almost black. Old sort of American Indians.  The popcorn tastes wonderfully aromatic, it tastes the best with salt and a bowl is 

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Black Popcorn Corn Dakota Seeds

Price for Package of 10 seeds. 

One of the earliest maturing corns and easiest to grow. 150 cm high plants. Dark black kernels have a ruby-red, glassy shine when held in the right angle of light. The pointy kernels pop bright white with a small black hull still attached. The flavor is delicious, hearty and crunchy. Many popcorns lack this richness, which gives Dakota Black the ability to act as a meal all by itself. Easy to grow, fruits ripening after 90 - 105 days.

Location: sun, half shadow

Life form: annual

Height: 150 cm (60 in)

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Organic Seeds ?
Organic Seeds
Organic/natural ?
Organic/Natural: Yes
Edible ?
Manufacturer ?
Manufacturer: Seeds Gallery
Plant height ?
Plant height (about) 150 - 200 cm
Origin Country of Variety ?
Variety from: USA

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