Rambutan Fresh Seeds Exotic Fruits

Rambutan Seeds (Nephelium Lappaceum)

Rambutan Seeds (Nephelium Lappaceum)

Price for Package of 2 seeds.

Details of the benefits of the fruit rambutan are as follows: Skin fruit: to overcome dysentery, fever bark: to overcome the aphthous ulcer Leaves: to overcome diarrhea and blacken

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Rambutan Seeds (Nephelium Lappaceum) Exotic Fruits

Price for Package of 2 seeds.

Details of the benefits of the fruit rambutan is as follows:
Skin fruit: to overcome dysentery, fever bark: to overcome the aphthous ulcer Leaves: to overcome diarrhea and blacken the hair roots: to overcome the fever seeds: to overcome diabetes (diabetes mellitus) for drugs drunk, no dosage recommendations. See example usage below! For external, milled leaves until smooth, then add a little water. Use water perasannya to blacken the hair gray.

example usage: Dysentery. Rambutan fruit skin wash (10 pieces), cut into pieces as needed. Add three cups of drinking clean water, then boil until the water is left half. After, cold, strain and drink twice a day, masing-masing three-quarters glasses. Fever. Wash skin fruit rambutan that has dried (15 g). Add three cups of water boiled until clean, then boil for 15 minutes. Once cool, strain and drink three times a day, each one-third part. Blacken the hair gray. Wash the leaves sufficiently, then mashed rambutan until smooth. Add a little water while stir until evenly into dough-like mush. Production method and strain with a piece of cloth. Use the accumulated water to moisten the hair of their heads. Do every day until the visible results. Diabetes. Gongseng seed rambutan (five seeds), and then milled to a powder. %u2022Brewing time with one cup of hot water. After a cold, drinking the water all at once. Do times a day aphthous ulcer. 

Efficacy and benefits of Rambutan-Rambutan is one of those plants that are multi-use. All parts of this plant, from the bark, leaves, seeds, until the roots, can serve as a remedy. Tawarnya power is also amazing. Fever, aphthous ulcer, dysentery, gray, until of diabetes, can heal with the right herb. Types of rambutan fruit that grows in Indonesia are: ropiah, simacan, sinyonya, lebakbulus, and binjei. For those of you who want to menamam fruit is how very easy there are three ways that kang salman know in breeding by planting seeds, buds, or grafting.

Sowing Instructions




Soak seeds in water and leave it for one night.



Sowing Time:

all year round

Sowing Depth:

Place the seeds on the soil moist.
Cover with a thin soil.

Sowing Mix:

Coir or sowing mix + sand or perlite

Germination temperature:

20-25 ° C


bright + keep constantly moist not wet

Germination Time:

1-8 weeks


Watering in the morning every day.


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Data sheet

Handpicked seeds ?
Handpicked seeds
Organic Seeds ?
Organic Seeds
Organic/natural ?
Organic/Natural: Yes
Pretreatment of sowing ?
Soak in water before sowing 12-24 h
Origin of seeds ?
Seeds imported from: Thailand
Origin Country of Variety ?
Variety from: Thailand

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